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cemetery memorials and granite memorialsOrder your granite memorial, granite monument, granite headstone, or granite based flat marker directly from the stone cutter in Elberton, Georgia. Save money and get the custom memorial that your loved one deserves. We cut, polish, and engrave your stone here in our facilities. Buy direct from us, cut out the middle man, and only pay shipping one time.  Choose from the many basic designs of cemetery memorials and headstones available, and then customize it to your personal wishes. We can add a favorite verse, design a theme around a profession, sport, or faith. Select the size of your memorial, the script, artistic design and other features to make the memorial a truly personal memorial.   We are as close as your computer and phone.  Call 706-283-8827

Granite Memorials for Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina & the Southeast

Flat, Bevel & Slant Granite Cemetery Markers & Grave markers

Flat Granite Cemetery Markers & Grave MarkersGranite cemetery markers are flat memorials also known as flush markers. They can be any size to use as a head stone or cover for the grave.  Flat Cemetery markers are easier to maintain than upright memorials and give the cemetery a park-like appearance. You will typically see a rectangular grave marker due to cemetery regulations. Granite Memorials Direct provides custom granite grave markers designed to your specifications. These granite cemetery markers are like a flat canvas where our stone cutters can engrave any kind of design into them.  Bevel & Slant Markers also available.    See Individual Flat Grave Markers or
 Companion Flat Grave Markers.


Granite Cemetery Memorials & headstones Monuments

Granite Cemetery Memorials & Headstones MonumentsGranite cemetery memorials, sometimes called headstones, or upright grave markers, are comprised of an upright engraved stone sitting on a matching base. They can be any size and made for an individual or companions. Not all cemeteries allow these monuments so please consult your cemetery prior to ordering your headstone. Granite Memorials Direct provides custom granite cemetery memorials designed to your specifications. These granite cemetery markers are an everlasting tribute to your loved one and we will try to make the selection as easy as possible. Below you will find examples of headstone memorials, but your memorial can be custom made to your wishes.  Several styles of granite flower vases are available with any memorial. Please call us at 706-283-8827. See Individual Headstone Monuments or Companion Headstone  Monuments..

Granite Memorial Benches

A Memorial Bench is a splendid tribute to a special person.  Granite Memorials Direct has several styles of memorial tribute benches that will be well received in cemeteries, private gardens, public parks and spaces. Our memorial benches are crafted from the finest Georgia Gray granite which will remain a lasting tribute for years to come. The color will never fade, and the polished surfaces will will resist harsh weather or  vandalism, and require no maintenance. See Granite Memorial Benches..

granite mausoleumsPersonal or Family Mausoleum of Granite

A mausoleum will provide the additional assurance of clean, dry, aboveground entombment, the beauty and permanence of the finest memorial granites, and the symbolization of the noble principles you represent to your family. Is it not time to assure peace of mind for your loved ones by prearranging your family memorial estate together? A family mausoleum can sometime cost less than traditional graves.
See Granite Mausoleums..

About Granite Memorials Direct

Granite Memorials Direct has been in business for over 20 years providing granite monuments and cemetery memorials to retailers all over the country. Now via the internet, we can provide that same service to you directly and save you money.  We have the ability to create the most beautiful, unique and fairly priced cemetery monuments in the world.  We design and create custom cemetery monuments and memorials including cemetery headstones, grave site markers, gravestones, mausoleums, granite bases for bronze grave markers, granite and marble statues, garden benches, cemetery benches, granite flower vase holders, and plaques. We can design the memorial that is right your loved one.

We are located in Elberton, Georgia and primarily serve Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and the Southeastern United States.  Some of the cities we serve include Greenville, Anderson & Columbia, SC; Atlanta, Augusta, Athens & Gainesville, Georgia; Franklin, Highlands, Murphy & Brevard, NC.  We can custom build any type granite memorial but please remember shipping weight can be expensive for large memorials.  

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