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Granite Memorials Direct is family owned and operated we have been in business for over 20 years providing granite monuments and cemetery memorials to retailers all over the country. Now via the internet, we can provide that same service to you directly and save you money. We have the ability to create the most beautiful, unique and fairly priced cemetery monuments in the world. We design and create custom cemetery monuments and memorials including cemetery headstones, grave site markers, gravestones, mausoleums, granite bases for bronze grave markers, granite and marble statues, garden benches, cemetery benches, granite flower vase holders, and plaques. Joann Moon is the leader in sales for Granite Memorials Direct. She is trained with over 25 years of experience in the granite business and can assist you with creating and ordering the perfect memorial.

We are located in Elberton, Georgia, “Granite Capital of the World!”

We primarily serve Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and the Southeastern United States. But can ship out memorials to all 48 continental states. Some of the cities we serve include Greenville, Anderson & Columbia, SC; Atlanta, Augusta, Athens & Gainesville, Georgia; Franklin, Highlands, Murphy & Brevard, NC. We can custom build any type granite memorial but please remember shipping weight can be expensive for large memorials

Straight from the Granite Quarry!

Most of our granite memorials are made from Elberton Blue or Grey Granite that is quarried right here in Elberton, GA. This allows us to give you the best price and cut out the middle man. The Elberton Granite deposit is a mass of granite approximately 35 miles long, six miles wide and most likely two to three miles deep. The total amount of granite in the Elberton area is approximately six million tons. The Granite is taken from quarries using a variety of tools and personnel. That is enough granite to fill the Rose Bowl nearly two million times. There are many other colors of granite available for your memorial available though. Such as black granite, pink granite, and more.

The manufacturing starts with blocks delivered to finishing plants, where large diamond saws, some with blades up to 14 feet in diameter, cut through the rough block of granite.

Once the blocks are sawed into slabs, smaller saws may be used to further define their size and shape. Often slabs measuring eight to ten feet in length and six to eight inches in thickness are fed into “guillotines” that effortlessly breaks the granite slabs into sizes needed for monuments and markers. Sandblasters and other stone crafters use hammers, razor-sharp carbide tipped chisels, pneumatic tools, and sandblasting equipment to further carve, shape and define each individual monument. The granite is then ready to be polished and sandblasted to create your personal memorial.