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A Memorial Benchmk or Tribute Bench

is a splendid tribute to a special person…
Granite Memorials Direct has several styles of memorial benches that will be well received in cemeteries, private gardens, public parks, and spaces. Our memorial benches are crafted from the finest granite which will remain a lasting tribute for years to come. The color will never fade, and the polished surfaces will resist harsh weather or vandalism and require no maintenance.

Standard Straight Memorial Bench

This memorial or commemorative bench is our most popular selection. Perfect in its simplicity and looks good in any environment.

Granite Memorials Direct have two standard memorial benches, a straight seat design, and a curved seat design. Both memorial benches have polished seat and polished pedestal sides.

Curved Tribute Bench

A timeless selection, this bench has a classical look and feel. It provides a calming place to sit in silent remembrance.


  • Up to 25 characters in standard English
  • Georgia gray color granite
  • Up to 2 standard emblems on the marker
  • Delivery in the 48 Continental United States

Cremation Benches

Cremation Benches are now available in three beautiful colors, India Red, Jet Black & Gray. The bench which can accommodate up to four urns can be inscribed with the family name, epitaph, and a wide array of decorations.

40” x 16” x 4” All Polished

42” x 16” x 4” All Polished

13” x 4” x 13” Polished 4

Front Panel
23” x 1 1/4” x 13”

Interior Dimensions
22” x 8” x 13”

Custom benches can be made please call to speak with JoAnn today about creating a custom bench!