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A granite mausoleum is an external free-standing building constructed as a monument enclosing the interment space for one or more people. Mausoleum used to be reserved only for royalty or the rich, but now a personal or family mausoleum can sometimes be less expensive that a grave.

A mausoleum from Granite Memorials Direct is made of theIMG_4027 finest granite by highly skilled craftsmen. They are available with 1 to 8 chambers in several designs. The personalized private estate mausoleum will be constructed to your exact specifications and assembled at the cemetery or estate garden of your choice. A personal mausoleum is a sound, sensible investment that provides the family a peaceful, maintenance-free resting place that will last for centuries to come.

Your mausoleum will provide the additional assurance of clean, dry, aboveground entombment, the beauty and permanence of the finest memorial granites, and the symbolization of the noble principles you represent to your family. Is it not the time to assure peace of mind for your loved ones by prearranging your family memorial estate together?

Please call 706-283-0077 and JoAnn will be happy to assist you designing a family or individual granite mausoleum. Please review examples of some of the mausoleums below that we offer.

Standard Granite mausoleums are available with single, double, or 4 crypts with roof top gabled or with a flat roof. Colors available include Black, Red, Pink, and Gray. Any of the mausoleums can have a Black front for the door and can be inscribed with the family name, dates, quotes, and a wide array of decorations. Double crypt mausoleums are available in vertical or horizontal.

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Mausoleums can be customized in many ways to fulfill your wishes

Family Estate Mausoleums

Create a meaningful legacy with the majestic grandeur of our Family Estate Mausoleums.

In the time-honored tradition of royalty through the ages, mausoleums remain the most prestigious option for commemorating loved ones.

Granite Columbaria

A community tribute to life everlasting…

A Columbaria is a prestigious niche system for cinerary urns of loved. They can be custom built to suit your needs.

We are available for all your mausoleum needs

Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions!!