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Choosing A Memorial

Choosing a memorial for a loved one or family is a very important and sometimes difficult decision. It is an even harder decision if you are in a period of mourning. Granite Memorials Direct understands and we are here to help you make the right decisions during the selection of a beautiful and lasting tribute to your loved one. We will not pressure you to buy the “biggest and best” monument but will ensure you get a quality memorial and the best value for your money.

Many families choose to make that decision together before the passing of any loved ones. A husband and wife who have shared most of their lives together can prepare ahead of time so that the one left behind has one less thing with which to deal during a time of sorrow. Most people realize the importance of estate planning and estate planning is not complete without memorial planning. By choosing your memorial now, you can avoid this difficult situation, avoid burdening your heirs with the task of choosing your memorial, and have more time to purchase a quality memorial of the finest materials.

How to Select a Memorial

We hope this guide will be of service as you consider how best to pay lasting tribute to your loved one. The elements below will all play a part in your decision. For more information or help in making your choices, contact us at 706-283-0077.

We stock many colors of granite. If you are unsure about what type or color of stone to choose, consider the factors below, but remember, there really is never a wrong choice.

Consider a color that will fit the surrounding site or tradition of your community. If you are choosing a memorial for a passed loved one, think of what color they might have chosen for themselves. The landscape of the burial location should also be considered. If in doubt, blues and gray shades usually blend into any environment, but person preference is most important.

Shape and Size

As with choosing the color of stone for the187 memorial, choosing the shape and size should be influenced by the landscape surrounding the final resting place of your family member. There are many tradition shapes and we offer a number of more contemporary shapes as well. Some shapes can also reflect and pay tribute to a family interest, business or recreation. It is also a good idea to choose a shape that will harmonize with adjacent memorials. Be sure to check cemetery restrictions before choosing a monument. Some cemeteries restrict the size, shape, and type of monuments.


The key element of a memorial is the design. In addition to the name and dates of your family member’s life, you may want to add scripture verses, religious symbols, military affiliations, fraternal organizations, animals, flowers, flower vases, small statuettes or other elements to honor the memory of loved one. The lettering you choose can also affect the design of your memorial. The choice of lettering style can make the design appear more modern or more traditional.


A cemetery memorial is an eternal tribute to your beloved family member. You can be assured that your Granite Memorials Direct monument will withstand the test of time because we use only the finest material, crafted by experienced stone cutters and engravers.

Remember, we want to help you make the best choice, so do not hesitate to call us at 706-283-0077